June 22, 2008

Arabian Perfumery

A defining essence of oud-based fragrances have long been a major occupation for the notables of Arabia. A renowned Arab Caliph once said “If I were a merchant, I would only trade in oud perfume, so that if I did not make a profit, I would have profited from its sensational scent”. Choosing a fragrance truly reflects one’s individuality.arabianoud.com


Arabian Oud Siraj
Based on Indonesian agarwood, cambodian Oud, patchouli flower, musk, white amber and sandalwood.. this is a beautiful and slightly sweet oud fragrance ~ Unavailable in the U.S.A.


Arabian Oud Diyafa
This scent embues smoke and if you love sultry smokey scents this is a definite! Notes of Malaysian Oud and indian oud, Rose, saffron, Sandal, Black Amber & Black Musk.