October 25, 2008

Ajmal Shams Dahn Al Oudh

The essence of oudh,
Ajmal's Mukhallat(mix) Shams
is a concentrated Dahn Al Oudh(indian oud) parfum, fusing oriental and western notes. Designed to appeal to the perfume user who is traditional at heart, Shams(sun) evokes the passion of the Arabian heritage and embodies the soul of Oudh. Its exotic formulation of warm woody notes is charming and settles into a deep musky-woody base with a tinge of spice.

Ajmal Perfumes is renowned for researching and successfully implementing the technique of extracting Oudh from agarwood trees and has been recreating the magic of the essence for over 50 years with its extensive portfolio of fragrances, now extended with the addition of the Shams. Dahn Al Oudh Al Shams, which carries the fragrant notes of the traditional 'Dahn Al Oudh' essence, has emerged to become one of the leading Ajmal brands today, having enjoyed a huge customer-response since its launch. Hailing from the legendary Dahn Al Oudh Shams family, it is a rare and captivating blend that refreshes the senses. It is meant for people with a vibrant personality and whose demeanor is hard to shadow.

Ajmal official


Shams Gift Box
Released: August 2004

The Shams Gift Box evokes the passion and mystery of the Arabian heritage. The feel of Dahn Al Oudh is extended throughout the three variations of the Shams fragrances and the luxurious ostrich leather box, cushioned in suede, complements its regal touch. Launching the exquisite Gift Box, Nazir Ajmal, Chief Perfumer, Ajmal Perfumes said, 'Our new gift collection is a treat for perfume connoisseurs who prefer to alternate between the concentrate and Eau de Parfum version of Dahn Al Oudh while also indulging in the Mukhallat Eau de Parfum. Both the distinguished fragrance and its presentation make the Shams Gift Box an ideal gift for every occasion.'

Gift Box


Dubai, 26 March 2006:
Ajmal Launches,
Dahn Oudh Al Shams Special Edition

Designed as a unique offering, this refined fragrance will add a new and exquisite dimension to the existing Dahn Oudh Al Shams product range. This special edition yields a pure, potent and longer lasting fragrance that is meant to accentuate your beaming presence. Derived from aged Indian Agarwood, the pleasant and long lasting aroma emanates unique characteristics bearing the mark of Indian Oudh.

Dahn Oudh Al Shams Special Edition is Ajmal's exclusive offering that is created for the individuals who enjoy opulent fragrances, who have a discerning taste and a burning desire to sparkle amongst the shine. Presented in a golden, sparkling flacon. The 30ml bottle can be purchased in all Ajmal showrooms and through select dealers.